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3Under the Hood11:23
6Library Module28:49
7Publishing Services15:48
9About RAW01:48
10Develop Module37:42
11Advanced Developing14:10
12Sharpening, Noise, Geometry32:56
13Batch Processing13:24
14Map Module11:58
15Book Module23:12
16Slideshow Module14:50
17Keyboard Shortcuts02:24
18Print Module24:40
19External Drives11:28
20The Workflow01:26:49
21External Editors07:57
22Tethered Shooting07:55
23HDR Processing05:55

What you'll get


  • 6 1/2 hours of 720p HD video
  • DRM-free H.264
  • Works on almost any device
  • Imports cleanly into iTunes

Demo Files

  • Demo Lightroom Catalog
  • GPX Geolocation Track


  • Videos and Demo Files as a 1GB zip file
  • Personal Coupon to activate Workshop in iPad app (coming soon)

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About Chris

Chris Marquardt is a professional photographer and photo educator. He’s been discussing photography on his podcast, Tips from the Top Floor, since 2005. Chris is the Photographic Mythbuster on Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy show and he coaches photographers around the world in his workshops.

Chris' Workflow E-Book

Looking for more details on editing a lot of pictures in a short amount of time? Check out Chris' E-Book 1 Hour 1000 Pics. It's DRM-free as well and comes with a free audio book version on how to supercharge your Lightroom Workflow.

About the Workshop

Over four years, we created several German versions of this workshop and turned thousands of photographers into extremely happy customers. This brand new video workshop in English includes all the information of these previous productions - and more! Its contents are updated for Lightroom 5, the latest version.